6 Irresistible Utensil Pouches

Now that Christmas is over, I can finally share with you the presents that I gave to my family!

As you might remember I’m on a quest to live plastic-free, both while traveling and at home. In 2017 I started this huge endeavor by focusing on finding plastic-free (or minimal plastic) toiletries. Then I broadened my scope to include utensil pouches.

Now I am border line obsessed with creating adorable utensil pouches. Not only do I love to look at them, it’s great having utensils in my purse for impromptu trips to the local frozen yogurt shop.

Surprisingly it is super difficult to find pre-assembled, unique utensil pouches with normal sized utensils and pouches that are long enough to fit a metal straw. What I ended up doing was ordering most of the pouches from Etsy. I found regular-sized copper drinking straws and extra-wide boba tea straws on Amazon, along with straw-sized bottle brush cleaners. And thanks to the local thrift store I assembled mismatched silverware sets for 20 cents per utensil.

I found this ridiculously cute utensil pouch on Laptitetrousse Etsy store. Make sure your pouch is long enough for your straw and knife- this one just barely fits a 8.5″ long boba straw.








This adorable yellow kitty was a refrigerator door handle cover that I found at an Asian grocery store. It already had Velcro on it! I sewed up the sides and turned it into a pouch.


This pouch is also from the talented Ms. Racette, the owner of the Laptitetrousse Etsy store. I found very few “utensil pouches” online, so I also searched for “toothbrush pouch” and “pencil case”.


I confess I made myself a Christmas present. This is my new silverware pouch, which was an umbrella bag. I sewed in a zipper and I squared off the oblong shape. For Christmas I received titanium silverware (shown above) that I adore. For my next backpacking trip I plan to bring my titanium spoon and titanium chopsticks (I’ll leave the pouch and the rest of the silverware at home to cut on weight).









This vintage coin purse is another Etsy find, found in The Honey Comb Gnome shop. I added a tie dyed fabric liner that way the utensils wouldn’t be touching where the dirty coins use to live. I also found slightly shorter than normal silverware at the thrift store.


Another Etsy artist saved the day. This time it was Adornwithaandm shop. This pencil case was twice as tall, so I altered it to fit my needs. Next time I might put in a custom order. This pouch with the zipper is my favorite shape, because it’s super easy to find what I’m looking for without touching the tines of the other silverware.








I’m a little fanatical about chopsticks in general, so when I found these compact chopsticks on Amazon I had to order a set for my cousin for Christmas. These stainless steel and plastic chopsticks fit inside of each other! No additional pouch is necessary. I love its minimal design. The chopstick rest also snaps the two chopsticks together for easy storage. They’re also so small they could easily fit in your pocket. Not surprisingly these chopsticks by Integral Design are sold out for the moment.

That’s all for now. I am sure I’ll assemble more utensil pouches in the future. Who here has made their own silverware case? I’d love to see a photo.


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  1. Such cute utensil holders. I love that the utensils came from the thrift store. Thanks for sharing your great finds. .

    1. I had so much fun putting these together. Next time I’m going to sew my own pouches.

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