How Backpacking has Enriched My Daily Life Table of Contents

I expected lightweight backpacking to be a hobby. Instead it has transformed me for the better.

I am super grateful that my boyfriend got me into lightweight backpacking. We met while working and living in Yosemite National Park. He is an Eagle Scout, a former EMT and a gear nut, so I greatly value his opinion about all things first aid, backpacking, and wilderness survival.

Tune in each day in October to learn how backpacking has enriched my daily life. To make it easier to follow this series, go ahead and bookmark this page now.

And if you’d like to know more about me, specifically my love for motocamping and how I got into backpacking, here’s My Story. 

Table of Contents:

Day 1 – Introduction (you are here)

Day 2 – Is it Possible to Make Watermelon Jerky?

Day 3 – Travel with a Miniature Guitar That Has a Full Body Sound

Day 4 – Dairy is Poison to My Body or so I Thought

Day 5 – How to Backpack with a Travel Watercolor Kit

Day 6 – Clip-On Sunglasses are Cool, at Least for Lightweight Backpackers

Day 7 – The Simple Solution to Remembering to Drink Water

Day 8 – Powdered Foods Can Taste Surprisingly Good

Day 9 – I Was Dared to Wear This One Thing and Now I No Longer Buy Cotton Tshirts or Jeans

Day 10 – Regrow Your Tooth Enamel

Day 11 – Grow Sprouts in Your Kitchen in 4 Easy Steps

Day 12 – How Organizing Your Backpacking Gear Can Involuntarily Cause You to Declutter the Rest of Your Life

Day 13 – Tampon Alternatives That Bless You and the Planet

Day 14 – How to Give Life-Changing Presents

Day 15 – Don’t Feel Deprived: 27 Delicious Gluten Free Snacks

Day 16 – A Rock Climbing Legend Helped Me Overcome My Fear of the Dark

Day 17 – Boy Scouts isn’t Just For Boys- Anyone Can Study the Skills from the Merit Badge Books

Day 18 – Why is this Homemade Utensil Pouch My Pride and Joy?

Day 19 – I was Manipulated into Falling in Love with Yosemite National Park

Day 20 – Shampoo Bars are Better

Day 21 – 3 Alternatives to Flashlights for Emergencies or While Backpacking

Day 22 – Backpacking Made Me a Savvy Shopper

Day 23 – I Found My Happy Place, Have You?

Day 24 – An App that Encourages Hiking with the Family 

Day 25 – Insider’s Tour of Yosemite 

Day 26 – Tricking Myself into Having Better Posture

Day 27 – Valuable Skills For a Long-Distance Motorcycle Road Trip

Day 28 – Side Benefits to Backpacking

Day 29 – Instantly Relating with Strangers Over This One Thing

Day 30 – Backpacking Can Transform Your Life Goals

Day 31 – 30 Benefits to Backpacking

8 thoughts on “How Backpacking has Enriched My Daily Life Table of Contents”

  1. Elizabeth! Love this subject. As a fellow “gear head” as I’ve been called, I hope you will be talking about backpacking stoves. There are so many cool ones out there. The husband and I like to go out on off road rides and make a cup of tea in the wilderness with our little stoves.

    1. Hi Denise! Thanks for checking out my site. Thanks for the suggestion to talk about stoves. I will take that into consideration. I also love drinking tea. Typically I drink a tea pot a day and when I’m backpacking I like to pack a tea bag or two. It’s so peaceful sitting tea in nature. The perfect pairing.

  2. I am looking forward to what you share as I don’t know much about any kind of backpacking and how it could enrich your life.

    This is an intriguing topic.

    1. Hi Mom,
      Thank you for always being so supportive. Even when you aren’t familiar with all of my hobbies. It is my goal to not get too technical about backpacking during this series. I want to highlight the areas of lightweight backpacking that I love, without losing my non-backpacking readers. Let me know if I assume prior knowledge in future posts. take care,

    1. Thanks for dropping by and reading my series. I hope you found it helpful and interesting. I loved reading your posts. Your writing is so clever and funny. Have a great day!

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