Day 15: Don’t Feel Deprived: 27 Delicious Gluten Free Snacks

This is Day 15 of the 31 day series on “How backpacking has enriched my daily life.” I expected lightweight backpacking to be a hobby. Instead it has transformed me for the better.

Back when I use to regularly train in martial arts, I’d make myself hangry and miserable all because I didn’t eat enough before and immediately after working out. I always intended to look up nutritious, calorie-dense and gluten free foods, but I never got around to it.

Then I got into backpacking and the need for efficiency motivated me to figure out the lightest, calorie-dense foods. I’d loath coming home from a backpacking trip with extra food. I lugged it all the way out there, I intend to eat all of it on trail.

That’s when I started researching which foods have the highest calories per ounce. In general fats are more calorically dense than carbs and proteins, so that means I can carry less weight in food if they’re mostly fats. When planning backpacking meals I aim for at least 120 calories per ounce, as that is the benchmark for Lightweight Backpacking.

Backpacking has blessed my life (and those around me), by helping me to not have a sugar crash and become hangry.

Foods That Are At Least 120 Calories Per Ounce-


  • Brazil Nuts 184 cal.
  • Walnuts 183 cal.
  • Cashews 170 cal.
  • Peanuts 170 cal.
  • Almonds 160 cal.
  • Peanut Butter 165 cal.


Dried Fruit:

  • Dried Coconut 187 cal.
  • Dried Blueberries 150 cal.
  • Banana Chips 147 cal.
  • Dried Figs 140 cal.
  • Dried Cherries 140 cal.
  • Dried Mangoes 130 cal.



  • Ghee 248 cal.
  • Nido Brand Dehydrated Whole Milk 150 cal.
  • Parmesan Cheese 122 cal. (Check for gluten in Parmesan cheese and in shredded cheese. Gluten can be hiding in the ingredients list as, “Powdered Cellulose.” The powdered cellulose can be made from a variety of flours or starches and it’s used to help prevent the cheese from clumping together.)



  • Sesame Oil 251 cal.
  • Coconut Oil 244 cal.
  • Olive Oil 240 cal.
  • Mayonnaise 203 cal.



  • Pork Bacon 140 cal.
  • Pepperoni 130 cal.
  • Salami 109 cal. (The calorie count varies a lot.)
  • Salmon 90 cal.



  • Lara Bar Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie 160 cal.
  • Trader Joe’s Organic Corn Chip Dippers (aka Fritos) 160 cal.
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups 160 cal.
  • 55% Dark Chocolate 155 cal.
  • GU Gluten Free Stoopwafel Wild Berries 140 cal.

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    1. It’s when I’m super hungry that my brain shuts off and for some reason, I can only think of high caloric, glutenous foods. Now I have a list all ready to go of ideas of GF snacks. Yah! And they are mostly diabetic friendly too. I’ve got your back mom!

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