Day 27: Valuable Skills For a Long-Distance Motorcycle Road Trip

This is Day 27 of the 31 day series on “How backpacking has enriched my daily life.” I expected lightweight backpacking to be a hobby. Instead it has transformed me for the better.

Watching Long Way Round starring Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman inspired me to plan for my own Round The World (RTW) motorcycle adventure. It was already my dream to explore each continent via motorcycle, but seeing the episodes where Charley and Ewan plan for their trip, got me to take action.

How does a RTW adventure tie into backpacking?

  • One of the greatest things I’ve learned from backpacking is how to travel light but still be prepared.
  • Besides compiling my lightweight camping gear, I know how to use it, take care of it, mend it if need be and most importantly, I have tested out my gear, so I know which systems work for me.
  • Through backpacking I’ve learned wilderness survival skills and wilderness first aid, which are good skills to know before going on a RTW.
  • Backpacking also taught me about lightweight, calorie-dense meals, which will fit easily in my motorcycle panniers.
  • On Day 12 of this series, I shared how making my backpack as light as possible inspired me to toss 2/3 of my possessions. That means I will have fewer things to put into storage when I go on my epic road trip.

Ewan got Lasik done on his eyes and I would love to do the same. That would simplify my life and by not wearing glasses I’d cut 0.8 oz. from my backpacking gear! We’ll see if that happens before I go on my Round The World trip.

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  1. It is inspiring to see how all the needed skills and ideas are coming together for your RTW trip. It is definitely just a matter of time. And it would be awesome to not HAVE to ever wear glasses again.

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