Day 31: 30 Benefits to Backpacking

The 30th benefit to backpacking is that it got me to seek out wild places in my backyard. I now know how to find local trails and what to include in my backpack. I’m also confident day-hiking by myself and I make it a point to spend time in nature because it recharges my soul.

Over the last month I’ve shared how I’ve been changed for the better thanks to getting into backpacking. These are my top three life-changing benefits to backpacking:

1. I sold, donated, and tossed 2/3 of my possessions. This life style change was thanks to learning about the Lightweight Backpackers philosophy on how to travel light and still be safe and warm. I didn’t need all of that extra baggage in my life.


2. My closet went through a complete makeover and I no longer live in jeans and tshirts. Instead I now wear moisture wicking, weather appropriate clothing and I dress in layers. And an added bonus is that I’m more comfortable and better dressed than I was before.


3. After 12 years of not eating cow’s milk, I can now digest it! I was driven to try milk again, because I was frustrated at the lack of dairy-free backpacking foods. Being able to eat cow’s milk products makes eating out and cooking for myself so much easier and cheaper. (Update: After six months of eating milk, I’ve become itchy all over my body, so I’ve decided to stop eating milk. I will let my gut heal and then I’ll test to see if I can occasionally eat cow’s milk.)


Thank you for joining me for this 31 day series on how backpacking enriched my daily life. I would have never of guessed that this outdoor hobby would change me so much.

If you’re not all caught up with reading about the 29 other benefits to backpacking, go to the landing page, “How backpacking has enriched my daily life.”

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