Day 8: Powdered Foods Can Taste Surprisingly Good

This is Day 8 of the 31 day series on “How backpacking has enriched my daily life.” I expected lightweight backpacking to be a hobby. Instead it has transformed me for the better.

My all-time favorite New Year’s Resolution is to eat more weird produce. I renew it ever year! It stemmed from being bored of eating apples, oranges and bananas. One day a light bulb went off and it occurred to me that I can buy anything in the grocery store. All 100,000+ items were there for my pleasure; I just had to be bold and creative, and maybe utilize a translation app so I can make sure it’s gluten-free.

Not only do I seek out weird produce, but also prepacked foods that I have no idea what they are. Picking out “weird” combinations is how I discovered my new favorite ice cream flavor, cheese and ube (that’s a purple yam).

Backpacking introduced to me a part of the grocery store that was a mystery to me, the middle of the store, where the powdered foods are shelved. I now use some of these powdered foods in my every day life, like using powdered maple syrup for my pancakes or mixing up Outdoor Herbivore’s powdered hummus for a snack. (I love Outdoor Herbivore, because they are a Sacramento small business who makes vegetarian backpacking meals, with lots of organic and gluten-free options!)

Ever since visiting Taiwan I have a strong urge to drink boba tea all the time. When I make boba at home, I use powdered ingredients that I learned about thanks to backpacking. Take for example making chai tea with boba peals at home. I boil up some water and steep a bag of chai tea. I use the rest of the boiling water to soften up the tapioca pearls. I put the pearls, the tea and some ice in a glass. Then I add some powdered coconut milk and powdered coconut sugar. Stir and drink!

I also want to experiment with making a purple boba tea using some powdered ube. Then I plan to figure out how to make boba tea while on a backpacking trip. I’ll be sure to share my recipes with you.

In the mean time, if you are in the Sacramento area and you’re craving a boba, check out the brochure that I researched and illustrated with watercolors of the local Taiwanese restaurants and tea shops. There is a printable brochure and a Google maps version of the Taiwanese food map.

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