I’m fanatical about making New Year’s Resolutions ever since…

…I wrote down my resolutions and promptly forgot about them. Twelve months went by and I found the goals all written out. To my shock I’d accomplished almost everything on that list, without even meaning to!

They say if you write down your dreams, then they’re much more likely to come true. I guess they were right.

Ever since that spooky New Years I’ve made it a point to remind myself of my goals throughout the year. I find that I accomplish even more when I remember how I want to spend my time.

My 2018 New Year’s Resolutions are Organized as Follows:

I have year-long goals, that include “Become a certified Braille Transcriber,” “Meditate for 15 minutes on every odd numbered day,” and “Make four Operation Christmas Child Shoe boxes that are 10 Essentials themed.”

Then I have goals for specific months such as, “Decorate a tree with Ukrainian eggs for Easter,” “Celebrate Mom’s 60th Birthday in a Memorable Way,” and “Organize a group to take the Halloween tour at the local cemetery.”

Then I have goals for different categories such as Art, The Outdoors, Social, This Blog and Miscellaneous. I want to take a watercolor class, to practice Tom Brown’s wilderness survival skills, go sake tasting with friends at Takara Sake in Berkeley, to create an ebook on “No-Stove Backpacking Menu Ideas” and to set up a travel credit card that earns airline mileage.

Do you find that you accomplish more when you write out your goals? How do you like to organize your goals? What plans do you have for 2018?

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