Make Memories with a USB Powered Blender

“All I wanted was an Instagram worthy drink,” lamented my friend Jade about a new bar he tried, “but instead the drink was ugly and it tasted terrible.” That’s when I decided to surprise Jade on our upcoming day hike to a photo-worthy, handmade drink.

Jade, his partner John, and myself hiked along Jenkinson Lake, CA, to an unnamed waterfall and back, making a six mile loop. It was at the waterfall that I made us blended alcoholic strawberry lemonade using homegrown ingredients and a portable blender!

This was my first time in nature using the USB powdered blender. The blender is actually much tougher than I expected it to be!!! It blended up ice and whole, frozen strawberries. It’s also good for 15 smoothies before needing to be recharged.

Mission success! Jade posted on Instagram the above photo of the lemonade. I made a photo-worthy drink! It was absolutely worth hiking in the 1 pound 6.3 oz. blender, plus the ice and the ingredients for the lemonade. Plus it was fun surprising my friends and celebrating our time together.

Besides being a photographer Jade is also an Event Planner. He’s based out of the Sacramento Area, so if you need someone to create a memorable party, from food to decorations to photography, check out Jade’s website, Party Pig Event Planner.

I can see using this blender on future day hikes, car camping and bike overnights for making blended margaritas and kale smoothies. 

I have other USB powered gear. I recently upgraded my AAA battery headlamp to an Ultralight USB Headlamp. This article has a chart of the lightest USB Headlamps on the market.