How to Make a Travel Size Watercolor Kit

The fun part is personalizing your art kit. You can use an empty Altoid tin or any container. The clear plastic container in the demo held silicone ear plugs. I like the plastic because it doesn’t rust.

Have fun experimenting with different ways of attaching the watercolor kits to your arm. I’ve tried velcro, elastic and snaps. Velcro is the easiest to put on by yourself.

Supply List:

  • Watercolor tubes (how ever many colors you want to use)
  • Velcro (it needs to be able to wrap all the way around your wrist)
  • Scissors
  • Altoid Tin (or any container that catches your eye)
  • Trident gum
  • E6000 glue
  • Heavy piece of white paper for the paint palette
  • Contact paper
1. Gather the supplies.









2. Pop out the gum.
3. Overlap the rough velcro with the soft side. Make sure the rough side isn’t rubbing against your skin.
4. Put a dab of glue on the velcro and attach it to the plastic container.








5. Cut out each individual gum container. Lightweight backpackers look for ways to cut weight, so be sure to trim all of the excess plastic.
6. Arrange the paint trays. You can leave a space for a travel sized paint brush or you can fill it up with paint trays.










7. Using tubed watercolors, squeeze them into the paint trays. Let the paint dry slowly with the lid closed to prevent them from cracking and falling out.
8. Once the paint and the glue are dry, then make the paint palette. Press a piece of heavy, white paper into the lid.










9. Using your finger nail crease the edges. Remove the paper and trim it to size.
10. Be sure to overlap the front piece of contact paper to the back so that it makes the paint palette waterproof.









11. Make the paint palette fit nice and snug. That way it doesn’t move around when you’re mixing paint. 

You are all ready to paint in the field!