Part 1: The Great Declutter

I caught the decluttering bug after cutting 7 pounds from my backpack. Now that my backpacking gear is all squared away, what else can I downsize?!?

Looking around my apartment and the garage, it became glaringly obvious all the things that I kept for “just in case.” They had to go! My mantra was to not keep things out of obligation, guilt, or “just in case”. If it didn’t give me joy it had to go.

This is Part 1 of The Great Declutter series on how streamlining my backpack survival gear led me to downsizing the rest of my possessions by 2/3.

The “Before” photo doesn’t exist, but this is pretty close. Imagine this garage stuffed to the brim- floor to ceiling! This was about Day 2 of the Great Declutter.

I was working in the unairconditioned garage during the peak of summer. On those 100 degree days excuses started to form, but I silenced them with, “I know it’s hot, but I will never want to sort this stuff, whether it’s super hot or perfect outside. Just get it over with!”

During the Great Declutter I labeled each tub with it’s contents, and whether or not it was sentimental. That way when/if I ever need to pay to store my stuff, I can easily Goodwill the non-sentimental stuff and store only the VIP items.

I am very proud of this “After” photo. This is a shared garage, so it’s a little hard to tell how much I got rid of, but I downsized by 2/3 (including the stuff in the apartment)! Everything to the left of the bicycle is mine.

(The white chairs are not mine. They mark the end of my pile of stuff.)

Head over to Part 2 to read how I cut my possessions by 2/3!

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