How to Sew a Utensil Pouch

It’s tempting to use a one-time use spoon when making a spontaneous trip for frozen yogurt. Be prepared and keep this in your backpack, purse, at work, in the car or with your camping gear. Utensil pouches are simple to make and super versatile!


Fabric 4 ¼”x 19”

Polyester Thread

¾” inch wide Sew-on Velcro

Sewing Needle or a Sewing Machine


Notes on the Materials:

Fabric- I picked a bright colored material so I could easily find it in my bag. I also went with a heavy, slick fabric that seems easy to wipe down any stray food. I used a scrap piece of ripstop nylon. I recommend using fabric that you are drawn to, because then you’ll be more likely to remember the utensil pouch and want to use it.

Thread- I went with polyester thread because it holds up longer in the rain than cotton thread.


Step 1:

Cut out a rectangle of fabric 4 ¼”x 19.”


Step 2:

Sew a double-fold hem on the long sides.

(To make a double-fold hem, fold over the fabric ¼”, pin in place. Then fold over the fabric one more time so that the raw edge is hidden underneath the fold. Repin and sew the long sides.)


Step 3:

Sew a double-fold hem on the short sides.


Step 4:

Fold the fabric up 5 ¾” to make the pouch for the silverware. Pin.


Step 5:

Cut the Velcro into strips. You will need 4 rough (R) pieces and 6 soft (S) pieces of the velcro.

Step 6:

Pin the Velcro as shown in the photo. 

Step 7:

Sew along the long sides, following your original hem line. This seam will make the pouch and it will attach the Velcro. (I made my cutlery pouch the hard way and hand sewed on the Velcro.)

Your utensil pouch is adjustable depending on the size of your cutlery! Option one can accommodate chopsticks, a long stainless steel straw and a knife. Or for a more compact option, fold the fabric in half to better fit in your purse or backpack. The second option holds shorter utensils like spoons, forks, sporks, short stainless steel straws, and collapsible chopsticks.

I store my utensils upside down, so I don’t touch the eating portion with my hands. For photographic reasons I turned them around so you can see what all I’m storing in there.

I adore my stainless steel collapsible chopsticks! They are the reason I made this utensil pouch! I want to carry them with me everywhere! What else could you use this pouch for? Toothbrush and toothpaste? Colored pencils?


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