It all Started with a Small Change

The simple act of putting my toothbrush on a scale changed everything. I use to give zero thought about my toothbrush, but not anymore, now that I hike with it for miles and miles. 

In the past six months I’m now taking into consideration the weight of the toothbrush, plus the environmental affects that my oral hygiene makes on the planet. I now use the Bass Brushing Technique and I brush a couple times a week with activated charcoal powder. I’ve experimented with store-bought and homemade toothpowder (that’s dry toothpaste!). And I’ve tried out three different toothbrushes:

  1. The handle on the bamboo toothbrush was super easy to cut and sand smooth. (Yes I’m obsessed with cutting unnecessary weight from my backpacking gear.) That was my first time using a brush with black charcoal bristles. They’re suppose to draw out toxins from my mouth. It is .2 oz.
  2. The red Preserve toothbrush is made from 100% recycled plastic! The downside is that the toothpowder got stuck between the bristles. It weighs .5 oz.
  3. The green OraMD brush is a shorty toothbrush (no need to cut this handle!) and it has fewer bristles than most toothbrushes. It is designed to be used with toothpowder using the Bass Brushing Technique. (Since there are gaps between the clumps of bristles, the toothpowder doesn’t get stuck in them!) It is .4 oz.

I made delicious toothpowder all thanks to the recipe from the Wellness Mama. (I omitted the baking soda, xylitol and essential oils.) At home I keep the toothpowder in a small canning jar with a moisture drawing packet and when I’m traveling, I put some in a pill pouch. 

The search isn’t over yet. Ideally I’d love a bamboo Bass toothbrush. I also want to try brushing with the TwigBrush, which comes from the Salvadora Persica tree. No toothpaste is needed when using the TwigBrush! Talk about a weight saver! I’ve broken out of my mold and I’m exploring options for maintaining my smile.

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  1. Who knew there was so much to know about toothbrushes and that it could be connected to light weight hiking and the environment?

    I didn’t know that tooth powder could regrow enamel. Hurray for your success in that area.

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