Thank You Matt Kepnes

About a month ago I entered a contest where the winner gets a $18,250 vacation and they get to choose the itinerary. This generous prize is all thanks to the budget travel expert, Matt Kepnes.

It is my dream to be a digital nomad, exploring the world and supporting myself via my laptop, so I eagerly applied myself into writing the most thoughtful essay possible. Click here to read my essay.

To enter the contest it was required to buy the latest edition of Matt’s book, “How to travel the world on $50 a day” and to submit a 500 word essay. (By budgeting $50 a day, I could travel the world for an entire year for only $18,250.)

The winner will be announced any day now, and yet, I feel like no matter which way this goes, I’ve already been blessed by this experience:

This contest made me sit down and finally learn the basics to travel hacking, like how to save money on accommodations by doing work trade on organic farms.


Thanks to reading Matt’s book, I now have a checklist on how to prepare for my future adventures, like setting up a bank account that waves all ATM fees.



I am a woman of many ideas. Writing this essay forced  me to pick just one dream, commit to an itinerary and present a realistic budget. Essentially I want to volunteer at National Parks around the world.


They say that once your dreams are written down they are more likely to come true. Not only is my dream on paper, I’ve outlined the necessary steps to make it a reality.


Obviously I’d be ecstatic to win this travel grant, but either way I will explore the world. May the winner be declared soon, so that I can stop obsessively checking for the results. Good luck everyone!

Update: A winner has been announced! Congratulations to Heather T. from California. Way to go! Safe travels!