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I’ve been quiet on this blog for some time, because I’m working on learning a new skill so I can work remotely. That means, ideally, I’ll be backpacking and bike camping a lot more in the future!

Last January I started the correspondence course to become a Certified Braille Transcriber. I’m learning how to read, write and format in braille. Normally it takes 18 months to finish the certification, but of course I want to complete it by Christmas. That means I’m studying most days, playing word drop games in braille on my iPhone, reading kids’s books in braille at the library, as well as I volunteering with the Sacramento Braille Transcribers.

I’d like to use my passion for interactive art, as well as my art degree, to make tactile images for the visually impaired and to transcribe the words from print into braille.

This tactile map is a sampling of the kind of work I’d love to create. It is printed on a thin sheet of plastic using heat and vacuum, which is called thermoform. This map of California is from “Maps of California” by Nancy Amick and Ruth Bogia.

This is a close up of the map’s legend. Imagine my excitement when I discovered that this map also charts the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). The PCT is denoted by a trail of dots and it’s the last item on this list. 

Can you find the Pacific Crest Trail on this map? Look for the dotted trail that goes from Lake Tahoe to the Northwestern part of Cali. The PCT goes from Mexico to Canada, covering 2,600 miles and it takes about five months to hike. One day I’d love to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. Maybe braille will help make that dream come true.

I’ll be sure to share a little more often about what I’m doing. I’ve been day-hiking and car-camping. I’m also getting into bicycle-camping! As always I’ve testing out lighter gear and yummy backpacking food. I’ll be in touch. Thanks for tuning in.

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  1. How fun that you found the PCT on this map.
    Looks like serendipity at work.

    You are involved in so many creative ventures. Good luck on them.

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